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Read what my friends have to say...


Derek Vickers

Real Estate Investor - Owning 1,926 units

"Well, I have know Brent since middle school. I'll be honest, it is incredible knowing him and his success story. He has been successful in multiple industries and brings a standard to those businesses that i have modeled my own endeavors after. His keen business acumen leads me to look to Brent for advice on different business questions and ventures I am taking on. Brent is also a master network and his rolodex grows every year with more and more affluent and successful people."

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Glen Martin

Business Startegist | Marketer | Author

"I met Brent over a decade ago when he became my first business mentor. Through that experience, we became best of friends. Over the years that has turned into a business partnership. Fast forward, he has worked with lots of people and I have seen those who have taken his advice and transform their lives and businesses! Get to know Brent, You will be blessed."

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